Skin Issues – Hormones and Their Role

Megan Danielle 

When you have beautiful, youthful looking skin and it starts to show signs of age, there are many factors that can be at play. The aging of your skin is caused by genetics, excessive sun exposure, environmental factors, and hormonal changes. The way that hormones affect your skin condition is going to be different for everyone, but they are usually the largest reason for skin changes as people age. Hormones that are produced throughout the body have a big impact on other tissues, including the skin. As women age, there are a lot of changes that occur due to hormones and skin aging is one of those issues. In fact, there is a multi-million dollar cosmetic industry that has a wide range of products designed specifically to help fight signs of aging in relation to skin condition and hormonal changes.

Skin IssuesWomen who are reaching the age of menopause in their 40s and 50s face a lot of skin issues. Estrogen is reduced and causes the skin to become dry, have increased wrinkles, lose elasticity, and have a paler appearance because of the lack of blood vessels in the skin. Menopause will also reduce the levels of testosterone, which can affect the skin in some ways, but it isn’t as severe as the decrease in estrogen. Collagen production slows down, the skin becomes looser and more prone to damage, and the dryness that results is often cause for serious concern by many women.

Hormones also affect the acne that you have on your skin. In fact, testosterone is required for the skin to produce acne, as can be seen in PCOS where an elevated testosterone level results in increased facial hair and acne growth. As women age, they will tend to have fewer problems with acne if this condition isn’t present because the testosterone levels in the skin will drop. During menopause, hair also thins out, which is affected both by hormones and the lack of skin health that is present due to those hormonal changes.

One option that women have to help improve their overall health, including their skin health, is hormone replacement therapy or HRT. This therapy can help add estrogen to the body and combat the signs of aging both inside and out. Women will have younger, more appealing skin and less risk of losing valuable collagen production. They will also be able to avoid issues like thinning and drying of the vaginal area, as well as maintaining the elasticity of skin. Topical creams are available, but they are not widely used because of the risk of side effects and absorption variations that need to be considered.

Ultimately, you will need to see your doctor to determine what types of solutions will help you with aging skin, regardless of what you might be facing. Hormones play a large role in your skin health as you age and keeping everything in balance will keep your skin looking great.