Spa-like Pedicures At Home – Enjoy Your Feet!

Megan Danielle 

If you love getting spa pedicures but are tired of paying high prices, now is your chance to learn how to have spa-like pedicures at home. You can save money and have your feet ready to wear sandals. However, pedicures are also important to help your feet be in the best condition they can be in. This is because you take over 8,000 steps a day which in turn puts over 127,000 pounds of pressure on your already sore and tired feet. Here are a few examples of spa-like pedicure you can do in the comfort of your own home.

Spa-like Pedicures At HomeTo begin your spa-like pedicures at home, you will need to find a space where you can relax away from the unwanted stress and noise. Next you will need to get a footbath or place a chair by your bathtub so that you can begin by soaking your feet in warm water for about ten minutes. This way you can get your hard skin softened and ready to receive the indulgent foot scrubs that we will discuss later in this article. Once you are relaxed and ready to begin, you can start with this pedicure recipe that will help to smooth out the calluses on your feet and heels while providing you with an aromatic relaxation.

With the first of the spa-like pedicures at home you will need fresh strawberries, brown sugar and olive oil. Take a half pint of fresh strawberries and crush them. Next add in one cup of brown sugar and two tablespoons of olive oil. The mixture will be grainy and paste like. Using your hands, scrub the paste mixture onto your feet, concentrating on your soles and once you are done scrubbing, rinse off with warm water. Next, you will take warm and moist towels and wrap them around your feet. Take about ten minutes to sit and allow your feet to soak in the acids that the strawberries have to soften the rough spots on your feet.

The second of the spa-like pedicures at home will allow you to experience a deep, sweet hydration. For this pedicure you will need warm milk, honey, lavender essential oil, semisweet chocolate chips and egg yolks. To begin with, mix five cups of warm milk with two tablespoons of honey and one tablespoon of lavender in a footbath. Go ahead and soak your feet in this mixture for ten to fifteen minutes. Once this is done, you can then melt the chocolate and add two tablespoons of honey and the two egg yolks together and slather this on your feet. Allow this to rest for fifteen minutes and then rinse off.

With the second of the spa-like pedicures at home, you will notice that your skin is ultra hydrated and very soft. No matter which of the pedicures you use, make sure that you care for your feet on a daily basis. Rubbing moisturizing cream and clipping your toenails in a proper form will allow you to enjoy your feet.