Spring Weather Can Cause Allergies, Migraines

Megan Danielle 

With spring come flowers, birds, bees, and mild weather, encouraging everyone to get out and enjoy fresh air and sunshine. However, spring also has a darker side in the form of increased causes for allergies and migraines. The negative health effects caused by spring include barometric pressure migraines, seasonal allergies, as well as aches and pains.

Cause Allergies, MigrainesSeasonal allergies are triggered by spring in many areas that experience freezing temperatures during winter, as the primary cause of allergic reactions are various types of plants. In spring, when trees and plants begin to recover from winter temperatures, they create pollen and other irritants that can cause everything from runny nose to watery, itchy eyes, to sneezing and coughing. For those that experience allergic reactions, a stockpile of antihistamines and allergy medications can help soften the blow.

Barometric pressure migraines are specific types of migraine that are brought on by changes in the pressure of the atmosphere during spring. Some studies indicate evidence that links allergies to migraines, and with spring come an increased rate of migraines. In fact, migraine sufferers report experiencing migraines as a response to rising and falling barometric pressure. Checking the weather ahead of time can help you be prepared for migraines if you suffer from them during spring.

Changing barometric pressures during spring can manifest in a number of ways, but a common way is through barometric pressure causing sinus headaches. Dramatic drops or increases over brief periods of time can trigger sinus headaches and migraines in many people, and many find that the weather can affect their migraines.

If you suffer from allergies or migraines during this time of year, talking to a physician or even your local pharmacist can help you determine the best way to help prevent symptoms and treat discomfort. Keeping tabs on your local weather can also help you be prepared for changes in pressure and wind that could influence you.