Stylish Nails – Showing Your Individuality

Megan Danielle 

With individuality being so important today, having stylish nails is a great way that you can show who you truly are. You can use your imagination and your artistic abilities in order to simply leave the nails a solid color as well as paint designs. No matter what type of holiday, event or social outing that you are attending you can find a way to make your nails stylish and show off your fabulous personality.

Stylish NailsTo begin with, if you are looking to have stylish nails, you will need to choose a base color. This could realistically be the only color that is on your nails or it could be a base color that you will design the rest of your nail art off of. Either way, if you are attending an event, the best option is to choose a color that will match your outfit. More than likely you will want to start with a shade that is more of a neutral so that you can later apply the designs. If you are not choosing to use a design, you will then want to pick a hue of polish that closely matches with a color in your outfit. If you have a multi-colored outfit, the best option is to choose the least used color. Then you can take another of the colors and do a basic French manicure to give your nails a uniform and clean look.

When it comes to wanting stylish nails that are fun and daring, many women decide to choose a base color that is extreme such as a florescent color or some other bold color. Then they will use a metallic or even a flat black to paint animal prints, stripes, polka dots or various other designs on the nails. Some even choose to put a coat of glitter polish over the top of the base color or even over the design.

Another option you can choose when trying to decide on how to get stylish nails is to show your school spirit. You do not have to be in high school or college anymore to display nails for your child’s high school or your favorite college or professional team. You can create a fun and spirited look by giving yourself a two toned manicure with the team colors. Also, you can paint each individual finger a separate color. Another option is to paint one hand entirely one of the team colors and the other hand entirely with the other color.

No matter what it is that you do to show your creativity with your stylish nails, make sure that you put a clear coat layer over your design so that it will last as long as possible. This way you will not have to redo your design so frequently. Also, if you are not ready to design your own nails, you can always go to a nail salon or even buy some nail tattoos and designs from the store. No matter what keep working at!