The Best of Beauty: Makeup or Natural Look?

Megan Danielle 

When choosing to wear makeup it is important that you learn how to apply the makeup in order to enhance your best features. Makeup is designed to play up your natural beauty, not create a fake look that is not attractive. You do not have to choose between makeup and a natural look if you learn to apply your makeup so that it is a natural look. Makeup should not be what gets attention; it should play up your features so that it is your eyes or your lips that get the attention.

Makeup or Natural LookGetting the right shades of foundation on your skin is the first step in invisible makeup or natural look makeup. When you are shopping for new foundation makeup for your face, put some of the options along the skin of your jaw line. This is best test spot for foundation. Ideally you should examine the test spot in natural light to see if it fits your skin tone. Indoor lighting will give you mixed and likely skewed results. If the test foundation is the right one for your skin, it will be hard to notice it against your face. It will blend in perfectly and smooth the skin.

There are many varying shades of foundation makeup. You will need to figure out your basic skin tone in order to decide which foundation works best for you. Each skin tone has an ideal foundation shade and approach to applying makeup or natural look cosmetics.

Beige Toned Skin

If your skin has beige tones with varying shades of peach or pink, then the shades that will blend best for you are peach, pink and apricot. When applying makeup or natural look enhancements, the first step is to use a quality concealer and hide all of the blemishes. Then you apply the foundation along with a matching powder. A last touch of pink or peach lip color and you are ready to wow.

Olive Toned Skin

A foundation with warm colors such as golden brown is the best match for olive toned skin. Skin that is olive toned is typically oily in nature, so be sure to choose a foundation that is not shimmery or sparkly. Apply the concealer, the foundation and powder, being sure to blend the foundation smoothly along your jaw line. Makeup should not show by leaving lines on your face.

Yellow Toned Skin

Skin with yellow undertones should not have ivory or pink shades used in the foundation makeup or natural look enhancements. Typically yellow toned skin is drier and flakier, meaning there is a need for moisturizer before applying foundation. Use just enough moisturizer to combat the flakiness but not so much that the foundation will not hold.

It is not a science to get a smooth makeup, natural look finish when applying your makeup. The keys are to know your skin type, understand your skin tones and what shades of foundation complement your natural tones. With just a bit of practice you can have a great natural look.

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