What are the Controversies Surrounding Testosterone Therapy and Increased Virility?

Megan Danielle 

Question: If I undergo testosterone therapy, could I regain the virility of young age?

Answer: There is no simple answer to the question of testosterone therapy and virility because the topic is quite unclear. In fact, there is quite a bit of controversy over testosterone therapy and whether men with intrinsically low levels should undergo such a treatment as they age. It remains unclear whether there is any benefit of such therapy in otherwise healthy older men. One interesting study showed that testosterone therapy could result in larger muscles, but in most results, the men given the treatment were not actually stronger. Also, a major hope that testosterone can relieve erectile dysfunction may not be achieved by testosterone therapy.

Testosterone TherapyThe hormone testosterone is predominantly found in males and is produced by the testicles. In women, smaller amounts of the hormone are produced by the ovaries. Male characteristics like a deep voice, higher muscle content, and sex drive are achieved by this hormone. Testosterone is also important for maintaining muscle gain, red blood cells, bone density, and a sense of well-being. It is natural for testosterone levels to gradually decrease with age. The levels of this hormone in the body peak between the ages of 30 and 40. Then the level begins to decline.

How significant the decline of testosterone is and its connection with youthful virility is quite unknown. There have been studies which prove that lower testosterone levels impair sexual drive and function, weaken bone density, diminish muscle mass, amplify fat levels, lead to depression, and contribute to memory problems. However, the testosterone controversy enters the scene because some men suffer from these symptoms despite their adequate levels of the male hormone. Plus, some men with low testosterone levels do not have these symptoms. Clearly, the signs are irregular and confusing.

If you want to give testosterone therapy a try to increase your virility, despite the controversy around it, you can have your doctor prescribe you with a synthetic form of testosterone. These come in the form of injections, gels, and patches. No pills are available in the US for testosterone therapy because oral medications have been shown to lead to abnormal liver responses. Men with incredibly low levels of testosterone may find the treatment necessary to live normally. However, studies have not sufficiently uncovered the risks of testosterone therapy in men with sufficient levels of the hormone.

Potential benefits that await men who undergo testosterone therapy include enhanced musculature, more strength, increased bone density, thicker hair on the body, elevated sex drive, heightened energy, improved mental capacity, and decreased levels of depression and irritability. The potential risks include escalation of existing prostate cancer, urinary problems caused by benign prostate growth, sleep apnea, reduced sperm count, balding, acne, fluid retention, enlarged breast tissue, testicle shrinkage, and increased risk of heart disease.